About Foam Furniture

“Form Furniture” as name itself suggests furniture completely made of “Foam”. Sack Chairs develop entire body of “Foam Furniture” with advance foam material which gives complete comfort, durability and suitable for kids and adults.

Everyone wants to decorate kids’ room, living room and others with designer furniture which gives complete comfort and is available at an affordable price. All those looking for comfort at affordable prices “Foam Furniture” is an ultimate solution. In our foam furniture there are no metal frame works & wood supports. Other furniture which contain wood support & metal frame work are strong enough but does not provide comfort; foam is solid enough to make furniture strong, but not so dense that it takes away the cushiony comfort.

Foam furniture adds a designer touch in any room and suitable for all age groups. Foam furniture for kids and adult available here are very cool, add color and function to your child's room. These foam furniture items come in a variety of colors and patterns. Mainly foam maintains body temperature and also buffers pressure areas like shoulder and hips. Additionally it also responds to your body’s shapes & weight.

Sack Chair is working closely with foam suppliers which helps us to manufacture quality “Foam Furniture” for over 10 years. Quality, Comfort & Durability of our items have made us a leader in this industry.

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I sincerely am addicted to my sack chair.  I play video games in it, I sleep in it, I chat online with my friends in it, and veg out watching TV in it.  I love having it for sleepover’s because THREE girls can sleep on it!  Thank you so much!

-Jenna Leffring,  Muskegon, MIRead More

Thank you so much for helping us get the Sack Chairs for our Youth Room.  Our kids absolutely love them!  They not only provide fun seating for our students but the kids are just drawn to hanging out on them.  We’ve really enjoyed incorporating many uses for them besides seating too.  Last week for youth group, we had our first annual belly flop competition using the Sack Chairs.  The kids had a blast.  We have had so many positive comments about them.  Thanks again, and we appreciate all of your help!

Jeremy, Laura, and all the students of EBCYG, New YorkRead More
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