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Sack Chairs ultimate comfort

The first sack chair prototype was developed in 1995.  Since then, our designs have been continually refined to create the ultimate foam bean bag for kids and adults.  Commercial manufacturing began in 1999 and we sold primarily to regional furniture stores and Church youth groups, both locally and nationally.  Now we have decided to start selling on-line, direct from our manufacturing facility to you!

The Sack Chair line of ultimate comfort foam furniture was developed to create furniture that was flexible, comfortable for kids, adults and adults who feel like being kids!  Our chairs have big size and huge potential.  We believe that you shouldn’t have to spend a fortune to get quality furniture and amazing comfort.   

Foam bags are our life.  No seriously… We wake up in the morning thinking about foam bags, we spend all day thinking about foam bags, and we stay up late trying to improve our designs.  Okay, so we’re foam-dorks.  We are constantly striving to make the product better, more comfortable, more durable and a better value.  The competition doesn’t stand a chance. 

Our Philosophy

Do the right thing.  It seem so simple, we will always conduct our business with the highest ethical standards.  Period.

What’s Important to Us

Our customers!  We truly appreciate your business and will work hard to ensure your complete satisfaction.  Customer referrals are a large portion of our business.  We are proud to offer the highest quality foam furniture and we want you to be as excited about your Sack Chair as we are. 

Built by families for families!
Sack Chairs is a family owned & run company.  We work hard to ensure that our furniture is tough enough for kids, soft enough for comfort and easy to clean for parents.  Each foam bean bag is so multi-functional that it is just as good for toddlers as it is for grandparents. 

A World of Comfort

How can we make the world a better place?  We can make it a more comfortable place.  Maybe if we were all more comfortable, we could all be a bit nicer to each other.

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Help!  My husband won’t leave his Sack Chair!  I bought him one for Christmas and he has slept in it for the LAST THREE DAYS!!!  Seriously though, we LOVE our SACK CHAIRS (especially my husband).  Thanx

-Helen Shear, Grand Haven, MIRead More
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