Sack Chair assembly.  It doesn’t get any easier!

Your Sack Chair foam has been vacuumed packed in a plastic bag and shrunken to about 1/8th its normal size, then individually packaged into the cardboard box that arrives on your doorstep. Use a shallow cut to carefully slice open the box so that you do not accidentally damage the foam bag or the cover.


Eco-Foam capsule(s)  --  Liner with child-proof zipper  --  Designer cover


1. Unzip liner – position in desired location.
2. Pull tape tabs 1-6 off capsule(s) in sequence.
3. Place capsule(s) inside liner and remove plastic wrap.
4. Repeat as necessary until all capsules are opened.
5. Zip liner closed.
6. Twist off child-proof zipper pull*
7. Place cover over liner.
8. Align zippers and zip cover.

*if needed to re-enter liner, use a paperclip as the pull tab.


Please wait 24 hours to begin “fluffing” your Sack Chair. Because the air has been sucked out of the foam during the vacuum process it is necessary to “foof” the foam bag chair in order to allow air back into the foam pieces.  To “foof” or “poof” the chair is simply to fluff the foam beanbag chair several times (similar to what you would do with a flat pillow).  Start to break apart the chunks of foam.  As you “foof” the chair you will notice it beginning to expand as the foam pieces relax and return to their full size.


Once the sack chair is almost fully expanded simply put on the included cover.  We think it’s easiest to arrange the foam bag on the floor with the seam of the liner on the outside bottom edge.  Pull on the cover from the top down, then flip the whole chair over and zip the cover closed.  Keep in mind it can take up to a week for your foam beanbag chair to fully expand, but it will be ready for use in a couple of hours.  If you just can’t wait and you want it to reach its full size faster, simply rotate and foof it out a few times a day to help the air reach all the foam pieces.

Now kick back and relax in your new sack chair!

**Cover is machine washable (cold water, cool dry). Eco-Foam is non-recycled polyurethane foam that has been re-purposed to save from landfills.

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Thank you so much for helping us get the Sack Chairs for our Youth Room.  Our kids absolutely love them!  They not only provide fun seating for our students but the kids are just drawn to hanging out on them.  We’ve really enjoyed incorporating many uses for them besides seating too.  Last week for youth group, we had our first annual belly flop competition using the Sack Chairs.  The kids had a blast.  We have had so many positive comments about them.  Thanks again, and we appreciate all of your help!

Jeremy, Laura, and all the students of EBCYG, New YorkRead More

I sincerely am addicted to my sack chair.  I play video games in it, I sleep in it, I chat online with my friends in it, and veg out watching TV in it.  I love having it for sleepover’s because THREE girls can sleep on it!  Thank you so much!

-Abigail Morley,  East Lansing, MIRead More

I have sold at least 10 sack chairs of yours to my friends, so when do I start making a commission?  I love my sack chair, by far best seat in the house.

-Eric Keppley, Womelsdorf, PARead More
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