Bean Bags

At Sack Chairs, our mission is to manufacture sturdy, long lasting, designer & versatile bean bags at affordable prices. That is what Sack Chairs is doing from the last 10 years.

Bean Bags have set the standard in terms of comfort, style and quality! With the widest range available you are sure to find a Bean Bag to complement your lifestyle. Sack Chairs offers a wide selection of quality Bean Bags & Beanbag Chairs. We manufacture Bean Bags in variety of style, sizes and colors using high quality materials.

Bean Bags are wonderful items; they are enjoyable because they do not have any set shapes and are fairly safe to throw at people. Bean Bags are simple to develop and several can be made in short span. Ultimate thing is Bean Bags are versatile; these items can be made into any wonderful shape including animals. Besides being great items for stress reliever beans bags are very affordable and can be purchased on internet or in children’s toy store.

Sack Chairs; our Bean Bags fulfill the mission of our products being long lasting. We design unique shapes, incredible designs and beautiful fabrics materials to give aesthetics, comfort and durability to bean bag.

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Help!  My husband won’t leave his Sack Chair!  I bought him one for Christmas and he has slept in it for the LAST THREE DAYS!!!  Seriously though, we LOVE our SACK CHAIRS (especially my husband).  Thanx

-Helen Shear, Grand Haven, MIRead More
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