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Free shipping and no sales tax, thatís right, what you see is what you get! No shipping costs, sales tax, add-onís, handling charges, extra fees, etc. See the price, add it to your cart, and checkout. The price wonít change.

Just like you we got tired of shopping online, finding something we like at a great price and then being hit with a huge shipping fee to get it to our house. To us it always felt like a bait-and-switch. SoÖ since we have the power to do what is right (also our motto), we are doing away with shipping fees.

We pay the cost of shipping, you get the quality product you expect at the fair price you expected to pay. Itís really that simple!

Now if you live in the contiguous United States (sorry Alaska and Hawaii) and youíre not shipping to Michigan you can stop reading hereÖ..

Ok, so you live in Michigan. Thatís cool, so do we. But that also means you have to pay sales tax if we ship a sack chair to you. Unfortunately, the Tax Man is not very flexible on this one. An angry Tax Man is something no one wants. So expect to see Sales Tax added to your order. But donít worry the shipping is still free for you too!

Alaska and Hawaii, by now you already know what I am going to say. We can ship our sack chairs there, but itís not going to be free. Sorry. According to FedEx, you live a long, long ways away, and while you are both super cool states, itís gonna cost extra. So, since you are already used to jumping through hoops, give us a call and weíll work something out. By the way, if you have a really nice place to stay, we are always looking for an excuse to take another vacation, and we can bring along the perfect piece of furniture for visiting guests. Hint, hint!

International; while we like to consider ourselves a globally thinking company, we just arenít quite there yet in size. Sorry.

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I sincerely am addicted to my sack chair.  I play video games in it, I sleep in it, I chat online with my friends in it, and veg out watching TV in it.  I love having it for sleepover’s because THREE girls can sleep on it!  Thank you so much!

-Abigail Morley,  East Lansing, MIRead More

Thank you so much for helping us get the Sack Chairs for our Youth Room.  Our kids absolutely love them!  They not only provide fun seating for our students but the kids are just drawn to hanging out on them.  We’ve really enjoyed incorporating many uses for them besides seating too.  Last week for youth group, we had our first annual belly flop competition using the Sack Chairs.  The kids had a blast.  We have had so many positive comments about them.  Thanks again, and we appreciate all of your help!

Jeremy, Laura, and all the students of EBCYG, New YorkRead More

I have sold at least 10 sack chairs of yours to my friends, so when do I start making a commission?  I love my sack chair, by far best seat in the house.

-Eric Keppley, Womelsdorf, PARead More
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