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Sack Chairs are legendary for their comfort!  Filled with soft foam, they are much more comfortable than bean bag chairs.  SackChairs.com is committed to providing the ultimate in comfort!  Of all the classic furniture pieces, beanbags have become an icon of comfort!  Now, Sack Chairs has taken bean bags to the next level.  We’ve replaced the old school styrofoam beans with a top quality furniture grade foam blend to create the most amazingly comfy “bean bag” you’ve ever experienced!  At first glance, they may look like a large bean bag chair, but don’t be fooled. You’ll feel the difference the moment you sink into our exclusive soft foam blend. 

So, it’s just a huge bean bag chair, right?  No, there is a big difference!  Sack Chairs are a gigantic improvement over traditional beanbags.  But how do you compare a Sack Chair to a giant bean bag on the internet?  Well, you’ve felt styrofoam before… it’s hard, squeaky, breaks into a million pieces and can be crushed flat.  Now, instead imagine a huge bean bag chair filled with a million little pillows.  Each foam piece is it’s own poof of comfort that springs back to its original shape over and over again. 

We at Sack Chairs work hard to maintain our reputation for remarkable quality and unsurpassed comfort.  We comfort test all of our products for maximum relaxation and durability.  Each foam bean bag is filled with the optimum level of our exclusive foam blend.  Our foam blend was developed using over 30 years of polyurethane foam technology experience.  You can be sure it will not break down or go flat like the cheap polystyrene beads used in traditional bean bags.  All of the seams are double stitched for added strength.  We take pride in the quality materials and assembly and that make Sack Chairs the most comfortable and durable foam bean bag chairs made. 

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I sincerely am addicted to my sack chair.  I play video games in it, I sleep in it, I chat online with my friends in it, and veg out watching TV in it.  I love having it for sleepover’s because THREE girls can sleep on it!  Thank you so much!

-Abe Morley,  East Lansing, MIRead More

My whole family loves the Sack Chair! We have the 7 ft couch sack and it is great for taking naps!

-Jordan O’Brien, Norton Shores, MIRead More

Thank you so much for helping us get the Sack Chairs for our Youth Room.  Our kids absolutely love them!  They not only provide fun seating for our students but the kids are just drawn to hanging out on them.  We’ve really enjoyed incorporating many uses for them besides seating too.  Last week for youth group, we had our first annual belly flop competition using the Sack Chairs.  The kids had a blast.  We have had so many positive comments about them.  Thanks again, and we appreciate all of your help!

-Jeremy, Laura, and all the students of EBCYG, New YorkRead More
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